Report Highlights States’ GIS Readiness for NG 9-1-1
Monday, January 06, 2020 | Comments

A new report from a geographic information system (GIS) group highlighted the need for updated and accurate GIS data to support next-generation 9-1-1 (NG 9-1-1) deployments. The report compiles data from 41 state survey responses sent to states in mid-2019 and assigns states a letter grade based on several factors related to GIS maturity.

The National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) report said NG 9-1-1 is relatively new to state governments, with no state having fully implemented it and all states at varying stages to get supported programs up and running. NG 9-1-1 services public safety and exists in a GIS environment, so geospatial data plays an integral role in its implementation. NSGIC member states are significantly involved with GIS support of NG9-1-1, and 18 states indicating the highest level of engagement within their respective states and communities.

Thirty respondents indicated a funded program is in place for NG 9-1-1, with 17 reporting directed 9-1-1 funding to GIS to support NG 9-1-1. Only 13 respondents commented on active engagement on interstate NG 9-1-1 GIS issues with neighboring states.

On technical topics, 29 states have GIS standards for NG 9-1-1 data layers, 33 states have at least one NG 9-1-1 required layer complete statewide, and 19 states indicate the state, or another public entity, is the GIS data aggregator in supporting NG 9-1-1. Seventeen states have or had activities to validate GIS data with the automated location information (ALI) and master street address guide (MSAG), and 16 states indicate the GIS datasets supporting NG9-1-1 are publicly available.

No states received an A, with B+ being the highest overall grade assigned to 12 states. The full report, titled “2019 Geospatial Maturity Assessment,” is available here.

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