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Telewave's M108-150 / T-1560M Transmitter Combiner
October 17, 2016

The Telewave American-made M108-150 VHF low-loss transmitter combiner features our T-1560M medium power isolator for digital or analog trunking systems with 100% duty cycle, including Project 25 (P25) and MotoTRBO / Digital Mobile Radio (DMR). The M108-150 transmitter combiner covers 148-174 MHz at 115 watts (W) per channel, with 8-inch, quarter wave cavities for excellent performance, and up to 8 channels in an IEC standard 19-inch rack. Each 24.5-inch height panel combines 4 channels into a common antenna, with space available for a duplexer, preselector, power monitoring and receiver distribution panel.

Pre-tuned expansion kits allow additional channels to be added at any time without specialized test equipment, or disruption to other channels. The specially designed T-1560M dual isolator provides 70 dB of isolation, and handles 115 watts continuous power with a full surface heatsink for stable operation.  Telewave is a GSA Schedule contractor, certified to ISO 9001:2008. We provide a full range of system engineering services and custom design.



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