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RF Industries' Field Installable Harsh Environment Coax Connectors Meet IP68
November 1, 2016

RF Industries' Comp Pro® Compression connectors from RF Industries meet IP 68 rating for immersion performance without external weather seal. The patented compression technology offers revolutionary advantages for a water-tight connection and easier installation on braided coax cable. The 360 degree compression seals out moisture, dust and air, preventing water ingress and eliminating connector-related downtime and maintenance over the wireless site’s entire life cycle. In addition the compression technology provides a minimum connector to cable pull strength of 200 pounds compared to the average crimp or solder clamp connector pull strength of 130 pounds.

RF Industries' Comp Pro® compression connectors are available with N male straight and right angle, N female, 7-16 DIN male and TNC male straight and right angle interfaces. Connectors are available for Times Microwave LMR®-400, LMR®-400-LLPL, LMR®-400-DB and LMR®-600 cables. Connectors feature tri-metal plated brass bodies for tarnish resistant performance. The simple one-piece design and comprehensive installation kit/procedure allows for one-minute installation process with minimal training.  

Comp Pro® is a registered trademark of RF Industries.

LMR® is a registered trademark of Times Microwave.



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