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Total Recall's VR LinX Altus Designed for High-Capacity Mission-Critical Voice Logging Requirements
November 4, 2016

Total Recall's VR LinX Altus is a professional, standalone and hybrid (combined IP/analog/digital) voice logging and call recording system, designed for mission-critical voice logging requirements.

Enterprises, governments, military and critical infrastructure worldwide use Total Recall VR LinX Altus to log and create electronic records of many forms of audio communication including telephone (analogue and VoIP), 2-way radio (analogue, DMR and RoIP), broadcast radio (analogue and AoIP), public address (analogue and IP), intercoms (analogue and IP), room microphones and much more.

Offering high-density analogue and IP recording channels per unit, Total Recall VR LinX Altus is suited to hybrid analogue, VoIP, RoIP, RTP and AoIP audio logging and call recording requirements.

Designed & manufactured specifically for the purpose of hybrid audio logging and call recording, running on a Linux platform and offering optional RAID audio storage and hot-swap redundant power supply, LinX Altus is incredibly reliable and suitable for mission critical applications. Optional voice analytics and event reconstruction software packages offer even greater value for clients who require more advanced analysis of their call recordings.

Proven in tens of thousands of installations worldwide, the 4th generation LinX Altus works as a standalone audio recorder or integrated with business, infrastructure, government, military and cloud recording communications systems.


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