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Unication's G5 Dual-Band P25 Voice Pager Allows Analog Two-Tone, Digital P25 Transmissions
November 4, 2016

The industry’s best voice pager has gone DIGITAL! Unication USA is proud to present the G5 Dual Band P25 Voice Pager, the only voice pager capable of receiving both Analog 2-Tone and Digital P25 transmissions on one device. The G5 supports multiple systems, including Analog 2-Tone Conventional, P25 Trunking and P25 Conventional and is available in both VFH/7-800MHz and UHF/7-800MHz.

As you’ve come to expect from our products, the G5 is rugged, reliable and built to last with a durable rubberized protective housing, high impact resistant color display and an IP67 rating: waterproof, dustproof and submersible up to 3ft/30min.

Features include 32 minutes voice storage, 32 minutes voice memo, Bluetooth, customized WAV/MP3 alerts and much more.

Visit us at www.UnicationUSA.com for more information on this exciting new product.


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