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November 15, 2016

Built specifically for public safety and service organizations, the F7010/F7510 series is a new addition to the Icom P25 product line. The P25 evolution takes a giant leap with Icom’s new series, offering more options, better pricing and top quality. Not only does this series capture the essentials, but offers extended features as well. P25 Phase 2 capabilities are available as an optional upgrade in the F7010/F7510 series, making this new communication solution ready for the latest P25 systems being installed nation-wide.

A Design for the Future
Reduced in size and weight, the portables (F7010 series) are the smallest and lightest of its class. However they still has a strong metal core and an additional protective shell, improving the structure’s ruggedness and durability. These portables are built to MIL-STD-810G standard and come with an IP68 waterproof rating.

The high-resolution color displays and scratch resistant glass are standard in both the portables and mobiles. The displays provide easy viewing in any lighting conditions. For those noisy environments, the active noise canceling reduces background noise and is easy on the ears. All these advanced design features and more make the F7010/F75101 series ideal for almost any environment.

Improving Safety Standards
Impressive safety features are also available in the new F7010/F75101 series. Privacy levels on these radios follow the same standard used by the federal government, due to AES with FIPS 140 and DES in conjunction with over the air rekeying (OTAR). Increased channel capacity up to 1,024 and ID lists up to 1,000 provides the ability to address and operate within large multi-user organizations and agencies.

During emergency situations the F7010 series includes an emergency button and five emergency functions: man down, motion detection, stationary detection, lone worker and power OFF emergency.

Going Digital
Technology has advanced programming of this series as well. Ways to upgrade the radios have expanded from the classic programming cables, as used with earlier series, to mirco-USB for high-speed transfers and even SD cards.

Another great feature of the F7010 series is the digital voice recorder. Incoming and outgoing communications can be recorded and replayed. Add a 32GB microSD card and record up to 500 hours. The recording captures timestamp and individual or group ID.

Many public service and safety agencies rely on P25 products, and Icom’s 3rd generation of P25 was designed to offer the latest features to support the ever-advancing P25 standard.  Investing in Icom’s P25 communication solutions is investing in technology of the future. For more information, contact your local Icom Dealer.



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