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Freedom R8100 LMR Communications System Analyzer
August 10, 2017

Every R8100 ships with an easily swappable internal Lithium Ion battery capable of operating the unit for 90 minutes.    Combined with the unit’s MIL-PRF-28800F Class 3 shock and vibration rating, the result is the ultimate LMR field service tool with the same world-class accuracy and measurement power as the R8000.

The R8100 operates across the full RF spectrum from 250 kHz to 3GHz (1GHz standard).  Its unmatched spectrum analyzer is capable of displaying the full range or any narrower span, as needed.  And with a residual FM specification below 4Hz, the R8100 offers spectral purity normally found only in expensive stand-alone instruments costing several times as much.

In addition to its internal battery, every R8100 includes a number of added premium features.  Its brilliant high-contrast display makes expanded use of colors and makes measurement values easier to read by showing them in large fonts.  And the R8100’s tuning knob also serves as a data entry key, enabling users to dial a frequency or make a data selection and enter values without moving from key to key.

Other premium features of the R8100 include a headphone jack for use in high noise environments, selectable power meter bar-graph scales (5, 10, 50 or 150 Watts), and an ergonomically optimized and ruggedized carrying handle.

Our ultra-fast, high performance tracking generator and cable fault locator are also included standard in the R8100, as is our proprietary “Dual Display,” which allows the operator see both carrier and demodulated audio signals simultaneously.

Like the R8000, the R8100 is configurable for every major LMR protocol, including P25 Phases 1 and 2, DMR, NXDN, TETRA, dPMR and PTC-ITCR “Positive Train Control” for long-distance rail carriers. It also features our widely acclaimed AutoTune™ feature, which automates factory recommended test and alignments procedures and reduces the time it takes to perform them by as much as 90%!  AutoTune is available for a wide range of radios manufactured by Motorola Solutions, Harris, Kenwood and BK Technologies.

Produced under license from these radio manufacturers, AutoTune allows the R8100 to automatically read key radio information such as model and serial numbers and make the alignments needed to bring the radio within factory specifications.  Benefits of AutoTune include:

·       Reduced test time

·       Radios in a fleet are aligned consistently per factory specifications

·       Accurate, repeatable test results

·       Comprehensive test reports show before & after readings, time, date and operator ID

·       Pass/Fail indicators flag radio defects

·       Minimal technical expertise required to operate

·       Results are stored on the R8100 itself, and can also be exported via USB port for analysis and storage with PC spreadsheet software

All accessories available for the R8000 are also available for the R8100.  These include carrying cases, transit cases, VSWR bridge and the Field Test 7 coverage mapping software by Survey Technologies, Inc.



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