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GAI-Tronics' Commander 3G GSM Telephone
September 12, 2017

Telephone communication is needed at a remote softball field across campus, on a meandering walk path in a park, at a power substation, or at a railroad crossing.  Power may or may not be available but running a telephone line is not feasible due to trenching costs or terrain obstructions.  What can you do?

GAI-Tronics’ Commander family of weather resistant telephones have provided communications in hostile and extreme environments for many years.   The Commander 3G combines cellular connectivity and an internal battery back-up to provided a completely wireless communication solution in an IP65, non-metallic housing.

All pushbuttons are sealed against water and dust ingress and mounting hardware is concealed to provide a high level of resistance to vandalism.  Available in 0 and 3 pushbutton auto-dial configurations as well as a full keypad for manual dialing, the Commander 3G is designed to meet all your cellular communication needs.  Use the provided plug-in power supply or connect directly to a solar panel array (purchased separately) for a completely wireless installation. 

The Commander 3G can be remotely programmed and will perform health-check and fault diagnostics, including handset integrity, and report all data via SMS (texting).  The Commander 3G includes an internal antenna and is also compatible with GAI-Tronics TMA maintenance software application.

The Commander 3G is FCC and IC compliant, PTCRB Certified, and is certified for use on the AT&T cellular network.  Contact our customer service group, at 1-800-492-1212 or customerservice@gai-tronics.com, for additional information or to get the name and contact information of your local sales representative.



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