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Comba Telecom's Critical Point BDAs
September 19, 2017

When Disaster Strikes, Critical Communications Matter Most
Comba Telecom’s award-winning CriticalPoint™ public safety BDAs are the perfect choice to keep first responders in-building communications working when emergencies happen.  Designed specifically with first responders in mind, the CriticalPoint™ BDAs offer the latest in RF technology and perfect for buildings/venues up to 400,000 sq. ft.  The BDAs are available in 700/800MHz single or dual band configurations and are offered in Class A or Class B and AC or DC versions.

Comba Telecom Ltd., a publicly traded company since 2001, is a worldwide leader in high-efficiency linear RF power amplifiers.  Leveraging  our expertise in RF amplification for the commercial wireless BDA product line and listening to the public safety sector from the likes of AHJ’s (Authority Having Jurisdictions) and public safety specialist System Integrators, we designed a public safety BDA to meet their requirements and wishes to produce a state-of-the-art product that far exceeds current code requirements. 

Featuring industry leading support for up to 32 channels per band and a full 2 Watts of downlink power per band, the BDA offers more channels and functions than any public safety BDA in the market.  But offering high channel count and enough power to transmit communications isn’t enough; we also added Channelized ALC (Automatic Level Control) and Channelized Squelch on our Class A BDAs.  Enclosed in a certified NEMA 4X enclosure, these BDAs are ensured protection in harsh environments and are compliant with all NFPA code requirements, including dry contact alarming.

Trust Comba Telecom’s public safety BDAs to deliver top-notch quality and performance when first responders need it most.


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