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Seculore's Paladin Cybersecurity Appliance
September 19, 2017

Paladin - A New Cybersecurity Appliance Built for Public Safety

Public Safety agencies are particularly vulnerable and valuable targets for cybercriminals. Scores of Public Safety agencies across the country have been severely impacted by cyber-threats and have quickly become part of an FBI-documented, multi-billion-dollar cost. We’ve seen the cyber-threats facing our Public Safety infrastructure; we know that most PSAPs and Dispatch centers do not have the cybersecurity training or resources they need and deserve. Cybersecurity experts are needed to protect our 9-1-1 services, but not enough people are trained. Paladin is designed to fill this knowledge gap for the public safety sector by giving existing personnel the tools they need to become cybersecurity experts of their own network.

SecuLore’s flagship product – Paladin™ – is a patent-pending network appliance that enables public safety to visualizemonitor, and protect their network. This unique device shines a light on hacker activity by providing situational awareness of cybersecurity threats and breaches. Paladin exposes critical cyber security needs by identifying the areas that need to be further protected with a simple to use 24x7 monitoring, visualization, and forensic capturing tool that brings greater cyber situational awareness to the IT and security teams. It sits outside the firewall, adding a new "layer" to the traditional "defense in depth" approach and works in conjunction with existing cybersecurity measures. Paladin empowers PSAPS and their IT personnel with the information they need to evaluate the effectiveness of their network protections, identify and record undiscovered attack methods, and secure their data.

SecuLore Solutions™ is a Maryland-based cybersecurity company uniquely focused on Public Safety. We base our solutions on FCC, DHS, and NIST best practices and offer a new approach to cybersecurity with technology and services built specifically for Public Safety. Our team respects the true nature of 9-1-1: that call-takers, first responders and support personnel are, by definition, working with citizens whom they don’t know and who rely upon them during life’s most critical moments. A one-size-fits-all cybersecurity solution does not work because open communication with the public is a necessity. Combining Public Safety knowledge with deep cybersecurity expertise, we understand the techniques that cyber criminals use to attack, infiltrate, and exploit Public Safety networks. Our approach is based on the strong belief that we need to empower PSAP operations and IT teams by providing them with the training and tools they need to safeguard their 9-1-1 network and resources.

For more information on this and other cybersecurity solutions we offer, visit www.SecuLore.com, email info@SecuLore.com, or call 410-305-0234.



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