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Hytera Adds PD982 to DMR Portfolio
October 19, 2017

PD982, a new member of the already versatile DMR portfolio from Hytera brings an exceptional digital radio experience with a broad array of enhanced features to improve user efficiency, safety and builds upon the best features of the older models, with the goal of solving previous customer problems. Because many of our clients work outdoors in a wide range of weather conditions, the PD982 is built with IP68 protection standards, making it dust proof and waterproof. It also features a smart battery, improved noise cancelation technology with a 2.5W audio output, audio recording via a 32GB Micro SD card, and a built-in Bluetooth 4.0. Other impressive new features include Full Duplex Call, which enables calls between PD982 radios and mobile phones, and Single Frequency Repeater Mode, which uses one slot to receive a signal and another to transmit it in the same frequency, reducing interference and extending distances. Ever find yourself on the ground at a job site, needing to speak with an employee on the twenty-fifth floor? Well, the PD982 has got you covered, and it’s so crystal-clear it’ll feel like you’re standing next to each other.

But the most exciting benefit of the PD982 is its versatility: customers can choose between display/non-display, GPS/non-GPS and UHF/VHF—whatever works best for your day-to-day operational needs. In our twenty-three years as a leader in wireless communications, our goal has been to offer solutions customized to your needs, because no industry and no company is alike. We’re especially proud to introduce the PD982, which offers an unprecedented selection of features for a truly extraordinary audio experience.



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