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Stone Mountain – Certified Intrinsically Safe!
October 24, 2017

What is Intrinsically Safe?  Why is it important?  If you work in areas where flammable materials are present, produced, processed, transported or stored there is the risk of explosion.  Intrinsically Safe means your communications device and accessories minimize your risk of injury in these areas.  Intrinsically Safe certified devices go through a rigorous technical evaluation and laboratory testing to ensure they do not have any possibility of safety risk in dangerous environments.  The Stone Mountain Phoenix Elite RSM is now Class 1, Division 2 certification for hazardous locations.  Now you can take your Stone Mountain RSM safely into hazardous locations with complete confidence.  Intrinsically Safe certification requires regular audits of our production facility in Virginia to verify quality production and materials in all aspects of the assembly and testing process.  The Phoenix Elite which you depend on for industry leading durability, ruggedness and watertight performance is there for you in hazardous locations.



March 2021

4 - 4
Webinar: FirstNet — Apps Help Agencies Meet the Changing Demands as Incidents Unfold


9 - 9
Webinar: Data Security for a Remote Work Environment in 2021 and Beyond


June 2021

21 - 25
UTC Telecom and Technology Conference
Portland, Oregon

August 2021

15 - 18
APCO Conference and Expo
San Antonio, Texas

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