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Genesis Offers a Full Suite of Performance Management Solutions
November 29, 2017

The Genesis Group develops, tests, and supports industry-leading software solutions for mission critical and business critical two-way communication networks.  Our performance management solutions empower system administrators to monitor in real time, manage, archive, and report on Motorola ASTRO® 25, Dimetra, and MOTOTRBO™platforms.

Centralized Management
The Genesis Performance Management Suite brings all system information together in one location for centralized monitoring, management and notifications.   Administrators and technicians can receive alerts during critical system events and Key Performance Indicators display real-time activity on calls, busies, connections and peak usage.

System Utilization
Genesis looks at system utilization from a site, channel and slot level to allow monitoring of subscriber and airtime usage. It also discovers and alerts the system administrator of  lost, stolen or cloned radios.

Visual Key Performance Indicators display current activityas well historical trends for comparison.

Forensic Reporting
Genesis Reports offer in-depth, forensic analysis of all system activity and clearly display usage and performance. Every packet of data is decoded, sorted and stored in MS SQL databases for a specified period of time with no loss of detail. These reports are displayed in flexible MS Excel® and can be used to trend utilization for resource planning. Reports are graphed automatically and offer a more graphical representation. Reports easily export asPDF documents as well as email, which can be sent to supervisors or managers. 

System Management from Anywhere
Genesis provides the freedom and flexibility to manage a system from anywhere with web-based dashboards, coverage maps, and triggered notifications, which may be sent via text message, desktop alert or SNMP trap.  GenWatch3 iVista provides multi-layered metrics, such as the number of channels in use, number of radios affiliated, call counts, busy times, and all other information needed to track system-wide activity…all from a web browser. Drill down further by site to see more, such as the number of voice and data calls, private calls, call durations, busies and so on.

Genesis enables users to easily view and monitor live traffic, report on system activity, as well as manage system resources down to the subscriber level.  Get at-a-glance views of network performance from every angle: system, site, channel, slot, agency, talkgroup, and subscriber.

GenWatch3® empowers system administrators to monitor, manage, and report on Motorola voice and data systems for commercial, private and public safety agencies. One integrated tool pulls together all system-wide data to display real-time activity, send critical notifications, and archive data for forensic reporting and comprehensive analysis on ASTRO 25, Dimetra, and PS-LTE systems. For more, visit https://genesisworld.com/GW3

GW3-TRBO® allows centralized monitoring, management, reporting, archiving and notifications for all MOTOTRBO platforms. GW3-TRBO connects to one site or multiple sites with any mixture of MOTOTRBO system types. For more, visit https://genesisworld.com/TRBO

Genesis PULSE
Genesis PULSE® is a decision-support and situational awareness tool that optimizes response times, helping first responders simplify dispatching, validate decisions, and see everything. 

PULSE Live displays unit and incident data on Google Maps™ to aid in dispatching units quickly and efficiently.

PULSE Replay allows for supervisors and administrators to evaluate calls to verify the closest, most appropriate unit was assigned or diverted to a response.

PULSE Reporting provides Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and on-demand reports which deliver real-time feedback on the health of a system or individual contract areas.

Find out more about Genesis PULSE by visiting: https://genesispulse.com

Genesis Manager of Managers Solution
Massive amounts of data flows through large multi-zone systems, making it almost impossible to manage them effectively. The root cause of issues can be difficult to track without a complete view. The Genesis Manager of Managers Solution (MoM) provides a single focal point view across complex two-way communications environments of multiple ASTRO 25 or Dimetra zones. Data is filtered and correlated so that issues are quickly pinpointed down to their root cause. For more on The Genesis Manager of Managers Solution:  https://genesisworld.com/mom

To learn more about the full suite of Genesis Performance Management Solutions – sold and supported by Motorola Solutions – visit https://genesisworld.com.  To contact sales, visit https://genesisworld.com/sales.

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