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Leonardo Next-Generation Network Integration and Management
January 11, 2018


Critical Communications organizations often require the functionality to integrate multiple systems. Historically this has been accomplished using external gateways or console patches. Leonardo provides Critical Communications Operators and Users with multiple solutions. 

Leonardo’s ECOS-D SoS (System-of-Systems) provides the ability to integrate systems together. The Leonardo Communications Services Platform (CSP) combines the ability to integrate and manage multiple networks using a single management application. 

This functionality is designed for the Critical Communications sector, including LMR system users such as utilities, transportation, first responders, police and defense. These environments tend to be characterized by performance and reliability issues that are often experienced in spite of feature availability requiring 24x7x365 operations. 

By contrast, commercial best-effort environments (enterprise and public networks) offer versatility and feature rich solutions that are built around COTS technologies. As such they can lack the quick response, fault tolerance and system reliability characteristics that are essential in mission critical communications Systems. 

Leonardo’s SoS at the system level and CSP at the network level integrate the best of both solutions (Public and Private), by delivering the features enjoyed by the commercial environment with the adaptability, scalability and performance of the professional environment. This will bring increased effectiveness without compromising performance or reliability. In addition, both SoS and CSP can integrate with existing equipment and infrastructures. 

ECOS-D SoS (System of Systems) Functionality Included 

Leonardo’s ECOS-D (Extended Communications System – Digital) system has this functionality included within the RBS4000. ECOS-D SoS (System-of-Systems) provides the ability to integrate conventional analog, DMR II, DMR III, P25 Phase I, PTT over Cellular and proprietary systems using the software defined ECOS-D EPS (Embedded Proxy Server). 

The ECOS-D SoS integrates the features enjoyed by the commercial environment with the reliability, adaptability, scalability and performance required of traditional Land Mobile Radio Systems. This brings increased effectiveness without compromising critical communications performance, fault tolerance or reliability. 

In addition, ECOS-D SoS provides Critical Communications Operators with the flexibility to connect their existing LMR equipment and infrastructures to provide a smooth migration to the new Critical Communications ECOS-D platform with interface options to commercial/public systems. 

ECOS-D SoS also provides integrated voice and data applications independently of the technology access using industry open standards. SOS provides the opportunity to integrate wireless narrowband mission critical data systems with broadband 

non-mission critical systems such as 4G /LTE. 

SoS benefits: 

•     Embedded proxy server within RBS 4000 base station 

•     Integrated Voice and Data application system 

•     Ability to interoperate analog, DMR II/III and P25 Phase I 

•     Integrated LMR and PTT over Cellular 

•     Scalability – urban, suburban and rural applications 

•     DMR standards based - Incorporation of new features and functionality as soon as they are available. 

Leonardo is the market innovator for flexible and scalable next generation critical communications systems. We focus on meeting customer needs through highly configurable, reliable, redundant, and maintainable solutions. Headquartered in the heartland of America, Leonardo has designed, engineered, installed, and supports over 220 proven systems in over 50 countries. Our global experience, with local presence and support, allows us to deliver solutions designed to meet customers’ unique needs. Please contact us today to see how our ECOS-D can integrate your critical communications network, giving your organization increased effectiveness without compromising critical communications performance, fault tolerance or reliability. LMRsales@Leonardocompany-us.com



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