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Icom's Next Generation P25 Radios
May 15, 2018

Icom offers both a portable (F7010 series) and the mobile companion (F7510 series) to support the ever-advancing P25 standard. The needs for both public service and public safety organizations are addressed with these radios. Icom’s third generation of this product not only captures the essentials, but offers dozens of new features and functions all in one new small form factor size. Public service and public safety organizations will like the built-in SD Card, GPS, USB interface, Bluetooth, and color displays. Activation options for trunking, OTAR, OTAP and more, allow for expanded or upgraded services without burdening the user with unnecessary features. Icom is the choice when you want to take your P25 communications to the next level. AIR. LAND. SEA. #IcomEverywhere



March 2023

27 - 30
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Las Vegas

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