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SoftWright’s Terrain Analysis Package (TAP) RF Propagation Software Offers New Multi-Site Analysis Tools
July 12, 2018

The TAP™ Aggregate Coverage module, which aggregates the results of multiple individual coverage studies into a single composite coverage result, is one of the most popular TAP™ modules.  Terrain Analysis Package (TAP™) Mapper 2018 includes an all-new Aggregate Coverage module with integrated Adjacent Channel Interference module. The new tool allows users to create multi-site composite coverage maps easily even over irregularly bounded areas.  As previously announced, Mapper is available to users of our full TAP™ RF design software and it is now also available as a standalone software subscription.

The TAP™ Aggregate Coverage module takes the TAP™ signal strength results from multiple area coverage studies, created either using TAP™ or TAP™ Mapper Quick Coverage, and calculates a new resultant area coverage. The Aggregate Coverage tool will calculate the Maximum, Best Server, and Simulcast aggregation results from any combination of previously calculated individual coverage studies using parameters appropriate for the multi-site system. 

The ACI module computes the interfering effects between stations.  Given user-configurable specifications for a receiver, including the received power of the desired signal and the frequency offset of the undesired signals, the resulting receiver rejection specifications are used to determine which locations will have service and which locations will not due to interfering signals.



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