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MAXplus G2 Radio Dispatch Processor
September 24, 2018

The Mindshare 100500 MAXplus G2 Dispatch Processor is a complete dispatch workstation. It provides interfaces to all common audio accessories such as headset jacks, footswitches, speakers, desk microphones, a NENA telephone interface, SIP Phone systems and more. In addition it incorporates an Intel i3 COM Express computer. This computer provides the user interface and does all the VoIP communications, utilizing the audio system via an internal USB connection. All of your dispatch position electronics in one sturdy metal enclosure. Never before has a dispatch position been integrated as tightly as the Mindshare MAXplus G2. An audio system designed specifically for dispatcher use and easy maintenance, and a highly reliable integrated computer system inside the same box. Space for new equipment will never be a concern again.


The Mindshare 100500 MAXplus G2 is designed specifically to satisfy the unique audio requirements of a dispatch console position. By utilizing the 100501MJ the MAXplus G2 can support two dual ¼” TRS headset connections. The MAXplus G2 can support eight MSPA speakers including front panel volume and filter control, allowing for any sound configuration desired by the dispatcher. The MAXplus G2 audio section also supports both electret and dynamic microphones. Other included interfaces are: two relay outputs, NENA telephone interface, dual footswitch inputs, Select and Mix 600 Ohm balanced recorder outputs. Recorder outputs can also be sent to a recorder over the network by VoIP.


The processor portion of the MAXplus G2 is based on an industry standard COM Express single board computer (SBC). The SBC runs the Linux operating system. Linux provides a more stable operating environment and a better multi-tasking environment for high reliability communications systems. In addition, storage is provided on an industrial certified hard drive. A single 10/100 BaseTX connection connects both the SBC and the audio system to the network through an internal network switch.

Recent hardware updates include:

  • Dual DisplayPort Video Outputs
  • Qty 4 - USB 3.0 Ports
  • Qty 1 - Internal USB port


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