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Earphone Connection’s Hawk Lapel Microphone has gone Tubeless
November 2, 2018

The Hawk M1 EC Lapel Microphone features the Micro Sound Tubeless Earpiece for unobstructed sound and no moisture build-up. With traditional clear tubes, there are many moving parts equating to more vulnerability, more wear and tear and a shorter life span. Sound can diminish or not be heard at all due to impurities or sound bubbles created inside the tube.  The Hawk M1 Tubeless Lapel Microphone troubleshoots this problem by eliminating the tube altogether!

The Hawk M1 Lapel Microphone with Micro Sound earpiece incorporates a tiny speaker driver into our patent pending Fin Ultra Ambi dual sided flex ear tip. The speaker driver puts out 1350 Ohms providing enough output for high power radios with very little distortion.

Sound quality is one thing but if you are suffering from ear fatigue, the sound will not make much difference. All day comfort is paramount in the professional market. The Fin Ultra Ambi is softer than ever, comprised of Shore 25 Silicone gel, making it one of the most comfortable ear tips available. The Fin Ultra Ambi includes wider openings allows for more ambient sound to travel through. The cone shape fits into the opening of the ear canal without penetrating the inside of the ear, reducing ear fatigue.

The Hawk M1 EC Tubeless Lapel Microphone is enhanced with EC “Easy-Connect” guide arrows for quick and reliable connection.



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