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November 2, 2018


Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (“PoC”) radio systems provides affordable digital communications and enhanced functionality by combining voice, data, text messaging and other supplementary services over a 4G / LTE network. However, coordinating operations through a portable radio handset is extremely inefficient and doesn’t make use of the best features of your digital radio network. To gain maximum value, one needs to complement the network with a full featured Dispatcher.

A proper Dispatcher empowers any organisation to efficiently coordinate and manage routine, administrative and emergency tasks from small localized areas to vast cross-border regions anywhere in the world. Essentially, the Dispatcher is like the "conductor" and your orchestra are your vast human resources. It must feature group/private calling, be able to create dispatch groups to reorganize group communications, remotely controlling the device’s camera or microphone, monitoring user’s location, real-time history tracking, creating geo-fences in zones to monitor, controlling desired user activities and much more.

TOKIE BOXX Dispatcher provides the vital link between dispatchers and field personnel, helping to coordinate critical field response and ensuring connectivity with personnel from anywhere in the world via an easy-to-use on-screen interface. By applying global management of information from a variety of sources and simplifying its presentation to admin and front line personnel, TOKIE BOXX accords a level of Situational Awareness not seen with systems of the same price point.

TOKIE BOXX Dispatcher is used cross all industries. In emergency situations, it saves lives. In the transportation sectors, it enables simplification and optimization of daily dispatch communication operations.  In the Power and Energy sectors, it allows effective communications on district, regional, and substation levels.

The main reasons why your business should seriously consider installing TOKIE BOXX to coordinate your operations are:

  Better Productivity through better organisation and more efficient communications

 Connecting to More Information and being able to Better Inform Those in the Field

 Imbuing a Continuous Business Improvement mindset when used as a tool to track, record, analyse and improve your organisation


The TOKIE BOXX Dispatcher offers a full-feature dispatch solution, bringing TOKIE to the highest professional level of communications enablement. Key features include:


AcAccounts Management System to enable users to manage their resources more effectively and conveniently anytime by creating accounts with unlimited groups or chann

DDevice Management System to manage the device resources remotely, such as disabling device camera, remote data wiping, controlling which application to always run and restricting access

§  Evidence Management System to manage the photos and videos saved on handheld devices and retrieving them over-the-air

§  Local Positioning System to provide global positioning coverage of both outdoor and indoor environments

§  Lone Worker Protection to keeps lone workers safely connected to your team using their TOKIE devices as their portable safety beacon

§  Incident Reporting System to manage user tasks to ensure the problems are attended to, or an assignment is fulfilled


We pride ourselves in developing the software completely in-house and manufacturing our hardware devices at our own dedicated production facilities. This gives us a level of expertise, access to deep technologies and development autonomy to confidently say we are able find a satisfactory solution to your unique needs, whatever your challenge may be. 



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