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Kirisun Wi-Fi RoIP System
November 2, 2018

Kirisun Wi-Fi RoIP System

Wi-Fi RolP System achieves Low cost of ownership using PTT service over a LAN network by means of a webpage embedded dispatcher and hardware. The system tracks and connects two-way handheld radios within an Existing Wireless LAN network to achieve trunking communication and dispatching management. With modern appearance and simple set-up, it is suitable for all types of buildings, Casinos, Hotels, Multi Story offices, Carparks and Factories using Wi-Fi network coverage.

  • Low cost of ownership inter-department and building communication by Wi Fi Network
  • Small and easy to setup
  • Voice and Message Communication
  • Up to 200 users can communicate at the same time
  • Provides extra security by encryption
  • Coverage can be improved by improving the IP networks’ coverage
  • No license fee required, no data fee charged – No SIM card required

Call Types

Individual Calls

Call any individual in the system                                                                    

Group Calls

Call department groups, Temporary group call

Broadcast Call

Call all users on the system

Emergency Call

Priority call to alert a Group or all users

Emergency Alarm

Supports priority emergency notification through instant Text messages - Receive alerts, Alarm prompt tone, View alarm log.

Text Message

Supports sending text messages from the dispatcher and terminals

Audio Playback,

Supports voice playback of calls by the System dispatcher

Dispatcher Functions and Features – Operates in a Windows Environment

WRS Management access in the form of Web browser

Wi Fi RoIP System works within the existing LAN. Wireless network coverage is carried out through Wi Fi router and communication can be carried out when terminals and dispatchers are connected to the wireless network by the dispatcher host.

WRS Management


Check whether the System is running normally, as well as the total number of access terminals and online situation.                 


Support to modify user names. Check the IP, name, group, type, online status and last login time of the access terminals. Add, eliminate and manage all PTT users.


Support to modify server access IP, subnet mask, access port, UDP port, system time. Select the broadcast port, change the user password, and set the restart and reset functions of the Wi-Fi RolP System.


Voice dispatch

Individual call, Group call, Voice playback, Temporary groups.

Event logging

Individual Terminal operation records.

Wi-Fi RolP System

System Variants


Support 50 terminals, 1 dispatcher


Support 100 terminals, 2 dispatchers


Support 200 terminals, 3 dispatchers




March 2023

27 - 30
International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) 2023
Las Vegas

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