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Mindshare VoIP Dispatch Console System G2
November 2, 2018

The Mindshare VoIP Dispatch Console System G2 is a true Second-Generation VoIP Radio Dispatch Platform. Our Completely distributed VoIP design says YES to:

  • NO “Central Electronics” or Server required
  • NOPosition PC… the MAXplus G2 eliminates the requirement of separate PC’s at each position
  • NO Single Point Failures
  • NOproprietary console system wiring
  • NO limitations on the number of console positions, radio channels, phone lines
  • SIP based VoIP telephone functionality
  • Full standards-compliant P25 Console and FIPS 140-2 Compliant options.
  • Wide Area Architecture

The MAXplus G2 includes:

  • 6 external USB ports
  • Dual-DisplayPort video outputs
  • 2 Dual Headset connections
  • 8 Speakers




August 2022

7 - 10
APCO Conference and Expo 2022
Anaheim, California

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