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Telewave Launches iDAS Product Family
December 4, 2018

Telewave, Inc., a leading provider of premium quality radio and wireless systems equipment, announced its introduction of an indoor Distributed Antenna System (iDAS).

The sophisticated suite heralds advanced technology, serving critical industrial uses and disaster resilience. Designed for higher efficiency and greater durability, it offers a more efficient, cost effective, durable solution that’s easier to install and maintain. Incorporating groundbreaking technology, components include Low PIM high efficiency ceiling and wall mounted antennas, Low PIM Low Loss wide-Band Power Splitters, Low PIM and Low Loss Hybrid and Directional couplers, and Low PIM termination loads.

“We’re very proud of what our team has accomplished with this product family,” said Telewave CEO Robert Bagheri. “The quality stands far beyond previous industry standards. They’ve knocked it out of the park.”  

The system is optimized for the wide range of applications Telewave offers, such as indoor public safety and LTE/4G coverage for hospitals, college and school campuses, shopping centers, office buildings warehouses, transportation hubs and many arenas where wireless communication infrastructure and support are critical to community health and safety.   

Telewave adds its iDAS family of products to Analog /Digital Land Mobile Radio RF solutions, which it has offered as the industry leader for decades. The indoor Distributed Antenna System will be available Q1 of 2019.

Phone 1-800-331-3396 Option 1, or sales@telewave.com


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