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Viavi 8800SX Digital Radio Test Set
January 3, 2019

With its hybrid portable design, the industry’s largest color touch-screen display, ruggedness, internal battery, power accuracy, advanced automated test and alignment, fast VSWR / Return Loss and Cable Fault measurements, the 8800SX Digital Radio Test Set offers RF professionals a whole new experience in radio test. The 8800X combines the performance and features of a bench-level test set with the portability and ruggedness of a field-level instrument. Weighing only 17 lbs (7.71 kg), an internal battery with 2.5+ hours of operation, and rugged 30 G shock rating, now test professionals will no longer compromise portability for critical test features. Advanced features ranging from automated test and alignment to digital modulation analysis plots to an internal 500 W in-line power meter are all available within a one-box solution.

With the 8800SX tracking generator, the test engineer can sweep cables and antennas, locate fault in cables and verify and optimize the transmit and receive operation of the transceiver base station. The 8800SX also has many features technicians need in a radio test set. The 8800SX features the largest library of OEM-approved Auto-Test applications and an external 10 MHz reference. The test set supports AM, FM, DMR, P25 Phase 1 / Phase 2, NXDN™, TETRA, dPMR™, ARIB T98 and Positive Train Control radios.

The 8800SX is designed for maximum test efficiency. With the industry’s largest display, ultra-fast store and recall “Presets” and its unique “Fast-Stack” user interface that allows test tiles to be stacked on one another and quickly accessed, test professionals can set up analog and digital tests in seconds to have instant access to more displayed meters and test functions. The channel analyzer offers a unique expanded display mode, which dedicates the entire screen to the analyzer. Combining the expanded mode with the industry’s largest color display provides test professionals with an easy-to-see spectrum display; regardless of the test distance.

Proper analysis of a radio’s modulator requires digital modulation analysis plots, such as Distribution, Eye Diagram, and Constellation. These plots provide visual diagnostics of issues, such as deviation and symbol clock errors, to catch failing radios before they are deployed. The 8800SX provides these plots as well as an exclusive “cycle” feature, which allows ultra-fast toggling between the digital plots; ensuring full analysis in minimal time. The 8800X includes a cost effective way to measure the critical parameters for field-testing of TETRA base stations. The transmitter testing for TETRA base stations includes measuring the critical modulation parameters. This includes RMS EVM (Error Vector Magnitude), Peak EVM, Residual Carrier, Frequency Error, and Signal Power. Field-testing for TETRA receivers is also a feature of the TETRA Base Station Test. The ETSI TETRA standard defines the method for generating the TETRA BS T1 test signal, and by use of this signal, the user can measure the sensitivity of the TETRA base station receiver.

Recently enacted laws require that railroads provide remote monitoring and control of trains to ensure that the US railroad system provides the highest level of safety available. The 8800SX provides a Positive Train Control option that allows Class 1 railroad operators the ability to test their radio control systems in the field or in the lab to ensure that the radio meet stringent PTC RF parameters. Land mobile radios are often tested at multiple frequencies, which requires the various transmit and receive frequencies to be set on the test instrument, which can be time consuming. The 8800SX frequency list feature provides a quick and easy way to test multiple frequencies. The Presets feature allows for common analog and digital tests to be set up in seconds on the 8800SX. Three default presets and seven user-defined presets are included. A Preset saves open tiles, tile locations, modulation type, audio routing, and filter settings.

The 8800SX features an optional internal, 500 W in-line power meter, with 4% accuracy. In-line power meters are especially useful test tools at remote repeater sites with high-power transmitters and cable / antenna networks. Now test professionals can measure true average and peak power, including VSWR. Since the in-line meter is built-in, you can ensure that this valuable tool will not be forgotten. The 8800SX is designed to ensure that Land Mobile Radio end users have the best equipment to ensure their radio equipment is operating at the highest standard.



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