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Telewave's HP Antennas
October 11, 2019

Telewave's new High Performance (HP) line of antennas are rugged omni-directional, low-PIM antennas which exhibit gain flatness throughout the bandwidth. The HP antennas are a result of through research and develop- ment towards building low-PIM RF components and testing facility. The antennas are built using specially treated materials and a meticulous assem- bly process to achieve better than -150 dBc PIM rating according to IEC 62037 standard. In addition to our unity gain antenna, this line of antennas uses a corporate feeding design in order to achieve higher gains (3dBd & 6dBd) and ensure gain consistency across the bandwidth. The HP line of antennas will be available for frequencies 150MHz, 450MHz, and 7/8/900 MHz band.

The new ANT 7/8/900HP00 is a unity gain antenna which serves the US 700/800 band Public Safety, US GSM 800, and the Upper LTE 700 (E-UTRA bands 5, 12, 13, 14, 17, 27A, 27B) including FirstNet, as well as ISM 900 MHz band will be shortly ready to be purchased online. This antenna is unique due to its wide-bandwidth, low-profile, and light-weight design while being robust complying with MIL-STD-810 standards. In addition to its excellent electrical characteristics; the fiberglass radome provides maximum protec- tion from corrosive gases, UV radiation, acid rain, and wind-blown abrasives. Intrusion and water protection is equivalent to an IP24 rating. The antenna package includes a clamp kit and is suitable for both upright and inverted configuration.




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