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Fiplex DH7S
October 14, 2019

Fiplex Communications is committed to delivering a high quality 700-800 Mhz product line to improve RF coverage in mission-critical situations. Our technology allows the end-user to select the desired frequencies to be amplified, enhancing the indoor coverage while retaining the BTS sensitivity. Due to the uplink squelch only activating the UL amplification, while signals are present in a specific channel and time slot, overall UL noise is highly reduced.

Fiplex Digital Signal Boosters are designed to:
• Assure top performance in the following applications: Building, Schools, Campuses, Stadiums
• Comply with the most rigorous AHJ’s requirements
• Optimize spectrum use by working with the same BTS channels 
(Frequency received = Frequency transmitted)
• Remotely upgrade from single band to dual-band
• Reduce hardware and maintenance costs (only one unit installed at the remote site)
• Support P25 Phase I & II, DMR, Conventional, Nexedge, among others

Through digital signal processing technology, we provide the traditional RF Signal
Boosters with several features that improve their performance:
• Built-in spectrum analyzer for more efficient and simple system setup and operation
• Uplink squelch capability compatible with analog and digital format per-channel and per time slot, improving the sensitivity of the base station
• Multiple different filter shapes selection in order to meet the requirements of RF congested scenarios
• Antenna isolation measurement feature with  antenna low isolation alarm
• Automatic Gain Control per band, per channel and per time slot
• User-adjustable gain control, UL and DL independent, per band and per channel





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