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Maxon America’s new SD-670D Tier-2 DMR/Analog RF Modem
December 10, 2019

Maxon America’s SD-670D Series of Tier 2 DMR + Analog Radio Frequency Data Modems are rugged, reliable, and designed for a variety of VHF or UHF band radio applications like SCADA, Call Boxes, Weather stations, Water pumps, and Remote Controls (sirens, switches, sign control).
SD-670 RF Modems incorporate Maxon’s popular small mechanical footprint, a BNC antenna connection, and DE-15pin serial connection for RS-232C communication. Its die-cast aluminum housing shields the radio from RF interference and gives exceptional durability in the most extreme environments. Transmit power settings between 2 Watts, 5 Watts, and 10 Watts* (*VHF only) provide the power needed for any job and the LED indicator gives an instant, on-sight status of the radio’s operation. Built-in AT Commands can be used to operate the modem and adjust settings. SD-670 series modems can be used for voice transmission as well as data on up to 32 channels using dip-switch settings. Digital mode for the SD-670 uses an AMBE3000 vocoder chip with AMBE+2 voice compression algorithm to provide excellent audio quality and to allow for high-speed data transmission through its integrated modem. Over the air data speed is 9600bps baud. SD-670’s versatility to work in both Analog and Digital modes, its durability, low current drain, high data speed, and fast transmitter/receiver attack times for operation, make this the ideal radio for the harshest of system demands.




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