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OM500 Electronic Monitoring Device
April 21, 2020

The OM500 is a versatile, one-piece, GPS/cellular ankle-worn electronic monitoring bracelet with 2-way communication. The OM500 was designed to track—and communicate with— all types of offenders 24/7, indoors and outdoors. The OM500 signals offenders using vibrations, sound, and audio alerts, and receives offender acknowledgement in return.

Remote tracking reduces recidivism rates, incarceration rates and therefore the need for additional prison capacity. The OM500 uses the cloud-based software application, FocalPoint®, to visualize, map, and track offender movements and locations.


  • Waterproof, submersible, with cut free tamper alerts 
  • Cut-free, fiber optic strap prevents false strap tampers  
  • Rapid charging, long life battery allows extended charge capability 
  • Sends custom voice messages to offenders in multiple languages 
  • Rotating, magnetic charger improves offender charging compliance

Use Cases


Pretrial Offenders

Electronic monitoring relieves the prison system of the costs of jailing non-violent offenders awaiting trial. With the assurance of 24/7 monitoring and geolocation, law enforcement agencies have a viable alternative to pretrial incarceration. Using geo-fencing technology, agencies can configure inclusion and exclusion zones, boundary zones and time zones to limit and control offender movements.

Crime Scene Correlation

The solution provides historical location data of each offender several times an hour. When integrated with a department’s records management system, police can compare offender data with crime reports to determine if any persons of interest were in the vicinity. This saves time by narrowing the field of potential suspects and identifying potential witnesses near the scene of the crime.

Curfew Programs

Constant remote monitoring of individuals means agencies can minimize the need to send out patrol officers for in-person visits to offenders. Two-way communication allows program officers to contact offenders with beeps or vibrations and for the offender to acknowledge, making it possible for agencies to expand the reach of their offender curfew programs while monitoring and enforcing curfews more effectively.

Keeping Communities Safe While Reducing Overcrowded Jail Populations

As governments work to cope with the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, overcrowding in state and local jails is presenting a significant public safety challenge. The OM500 ankle bracelet enables authorities to reliably monitor low-risk inmates who are released temporarily in an effort to reduce the spread of the virus due to overcrowding.




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