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OTTO All New Bluetooth Revo NC2
July 29, 2020

The new Bluetooth Revo NC2 combines Bluetooth technology and high-definition audio to take speaker mic functionality to a new level. 

Built-in Bluetooth wirelessly pairs with smartphones, tablets and some two-way radios to provide convenient hands-free listening and easy push-to-talk without the safety hazard of a cable connection. The specially-designed high-definition audio amplifier ensures every transmission is heard clearly and accurately for greater mission success. 

The Bluetooth Revo NC2 also features our patented, high-performance noise-canceling microphone that ensures optimum voice clarity in high-noise situations. The large, textured push-to-talk and volume buttons are easy to use even with gloves, and an optional earpiece can be added for private listening.

The Bluetooth Revo NC2 eliminates the need to dig a phone out of a pocket, unlock a screen or deal with the safety hazard of a cable connection. The unique latching PTT button even allows team members using mobile apps like ESChat or Zello to engage in team communications in full-duplex mode. 

It’s ideal for users in military, disaster recovery, public safety and commercial settings. 

Key features include:

  • High-definition audio amplifier delivers clear transmissions.
  • Integrated rechargeable and replaceable battery provides 12 hours of service and charges easily via a micro USB cable.
  • Optional emergency button is available for selected radio models and push-to-talk apps.
  • Compatible with most smartphones and tablets.
  • 1 -year warranty on battery; 2 years on mic.




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