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Viavi Solutions Communications Service Monitor
October 30, 2020

Mobile radio communications provide an essential linkage for industries ranging from emergency response to public transportation. Mission-critical voice communication requires the support of accurate, versatile, and comprehensive testing and maintenance. Communications service monitors are the most powerful and efficient multi-purpose test solutions for land mobile radio technologies. 

VIAVI Solutions has established an unrivaled standard for communications service monitor performance by automating radio test and alignment functions and incorporating valuable options such as high-power RF sensors, vocoders, and advanced digital test features. The unique capabilities and options extend throughout the product family, from benchtop to handheld, and are found only in communications service monitors from VIAVI.

With a comprehensive menu of powerful analog test capabilities, up to 2.7 GHz frequency range, and the largest selection of digital radio options of any radio test set on the market, the 3920B Series Radio Test Platform is the industry standard benchtop communications service monitor. User-friendly automated test and alignment capabilities support technologies including P25, TETRA, DMR, NXDN, and dPMR. The 3920B radio service monitor also includes a built-in 4 MHz dual channel oscilloscope, a full span spectrum analyzer and an interactive audio analyzer. As the only available communications service monitor to incorporate vocoder technology for multiple protocols, the 3920B allows the user to see and hear digital audio signals simultaneously. 

Bridging the gap between the performance and features of benchtop radio test instruments and the compact form factor and ruggedness of portable field-level equipment is the 8800SX Digital Radio Test Set. Auto-Test and Alignment capabilities are integrated into this 17 lb, battery-operated radio test solution. An internal audio oscilloscope, channel analyzer, and audio function generator provide complete test coverage for analog radio. Digital test features include test patterns, voice quality verification, and advanced modulation plot analysis to meet the critical test, monitoring, and maintenance requirements of all major digital LMR technologies. An optional 500 watt in-line RF power meter is a unique feature of the 8800SX that enables testing of high-power transmitters and cable / antenna deployments at remote repeater sites without carrying an additional instrument. 

Leading the way in technology, innovation, and experience, VIAVI offers the widest available selection of OEM-Approved Auto-Test applications to the market. VIAVI works with radio manufacturers to ensure radios are tested and aligned to the specifications defined in the OEM’s maintenance procedures. Using accurate instrumentation and an automated test environment, the VIAVI radio test solutions optimize radio performance in minutes with minimal human interaction. VIAVI recently added new additions to the Auto-Test lineup for EF Johnson Technologies, L3Harris Technologies, Motorola Solutions, and Tait Communications radio families.   

VIAVI now offers Auto-Test for the EFJohnson KENWOOD Viking® VM6000 and VM7000 series radios, and high power VM radio models VM5730H, VM7630H, and VM7730H. Both VIAVI test sets offer Auto-Test applications for KENWOOD Viking VM5000 series mobile radios, VP900, VP5000, and VP6000 series portable radios, along with KENWOOD NEXEDGE and many legacy mobile and portable radios. 

The new Auto-Test applications for L3Harris Technologies two-way radios include the XG-25M, XG-25P, and XG-15P. VIAVI’s radio test product support all L3Harris public safety radios along with the industry’s most comprehensive automated test solutions for the L3Harris XL-200P, XL-185P, XG-75P, XG-75Pe, XG-25P, XG-15P, P7300, P5500, XG-75M, XG-25M, M7300, and M5300 radio families.

VIAVI recently developed Auto-Test capabilities for Motorola Solutions’ new APX NEXT® all-band Project 25 (P25) smart radio. This radio features advanced capabilities such as voice control and embedded LTE connectivity to support its application platform. VIAVI has comprehensive automated test solutions for various Motorola Solutions radios that are part of the APX®, ASTRO®, MOTOTRBO™, SABER, SPECTRA, and TETRA series.   

In addition, VIAVI expanded automated test capabilities for Tait Communications by adding Auto-Test for TP9500 DMR and TP9600 P25 Series radios. Auto-Test now supports these Tait radios in addition to the TP9300 and TM9300 DMR Series radios, along with the TP9100, TM9100, TP9400, and TM9400 P25 Series radios.  

As the two-way radio industry has continued to expand and diversify, it is important that radio users have the best equipment to ensure their network infrastructure and radios are operating at peak performance. VIAVI test sets solve the challenges of today’s users and continue to evolve with the industry to deliver the best test solutions in the market.     

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