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HTZ Communications (v.23); Automated RF Planning and Optimization Solutions from ATDI
January 26, 2021

HTZ Communications (previously known as ICS Telecom) is the unique solution in the market supporting all wireless technologies evolving from a few kHz to 1 THz, multiple frequency bands, channels and equipment configurations without any restriction or additional modules. This All-in-One RF engineering tool supports network planning and optimization for public safety networks; VHF/UHF (DMR, TETRA, PS-LTE, P25), 5G, WiFi, MW, Drones, and more.

The core of the product is the full deterministic propagation models including the advanced “Deygout 94” diffraction model which guarantees that your coverage prediction will be fast and accurate. This propagation model provides unprecedented prediction reliability compared to other radio planning tools with a high correlation percentage between prediction and measurements.

The RF planners will achieve comprehensive network implementation design using HTZ Communications across the entire planning stages:

Stage 1, DL/UL link budget calculation:

o   Coverage threshold calculation based on the probability of coverage at the cell edge

o   Automatic link budget calculator (UL/DL)

Stage 2: Best Site Selection (site searching) using Automatic Network Planning

o   Automat Automatic site candidate’s selection either in greenfield scenarios, from the site pool database or applying the preferred locations, e.g. on the main accessible roads, on specific clutters (mountains, government facilities, etc.)   

o   Automatic Cell Planning (ACP) considering both coverage and traffic targets

o   Automatic Site Placement (ASP) 

Stage 2, DL/UL Coverage calculation and analysis 

o   Composite, best server (1st, 2nd, …), overlapping, number of servers, etc.

o   Coverage analysis (surface, population, vectors, points…)

Stage 3, Traffic Analysis  

o   Import of traffic map (Erlang/Sq Km, user profiles with traffic demand, subscribers database, density of users…)

o   Automatic traffic dimensioning (Erlang and data)

o   Network traffic congestion analysis

Stage 4, Interference and EMC Analysis

o   Interference analysis based on C/I methods (Co-channel, adjacent, N+2,…)

o   Spurious interference analysis (intermod , dezensification, coexistence analysis…)

o   Automatic Frequency Planning (AFP)

Stage 6, Automatic Optimization 

o   Automatic site optimization (azimuth, tilt, power, antenna height…) in order to improve the coverage inside a polygon (predefined area) or along a vector line (e.g. pipeline, road, railway)

o   Automatic site optimization in order to reduce overlapping between stations (resurgence of unwanted signals) and reduce the interference.

o   Automatic site optimization to increase the number of connected subscribers (calculation will be done according to the subscriber distribution)

o   Automatic search of repeaters/gap filler to improve existing coverage and to solve the gap of coverage.

Stage 7, Handover analysis

o   Handover maps

o   Automatic Neighbor list

Stage 8, Drive test analysis

o   Import of drive test

o   Automatic correlation between measurement data (drive tests, punctual measurements…) and the prediction.

o   Automatic tuning propagation model

o   KPI analysis with statistics charts (ICS Analyzer)

Automatic task calculation (e.g. coverage, interference, ...) using batch scripts provided with HTZ.

HTZ also includes a building module providing indoor network planning capabilities with comprehensive set of indoor planning features, such as modelling of floor plans, attenuation losses, equipment installation, leacky feeder…).

Cartographic Database:
HTZ Communications licenses are packaged with the cartographic data (DTM and Clutter) at various resolutions from medium (10-30 m, for worldwide) to high (1-2 m including 3D building layer, some cities only). ATDI produces and archives global cartographic data for their RF engineering tool licensees. Any customers of HTZ with a valid maintenance contract will enjoy the free, yet quality cartographic dataset to perform RF studies without concern of purchasing new cartographic data, which often blows up the project budget.     

Professional services:
ATDI offers consultancy services for any stages of the radio network design. Consultancy projects that rely on HTZ communications and their cartographic solutions are making ATDI the ultimate flexible solutions provider for consultancy - setting them aside from their competitors.

More about us:
ATDI are industry-leaders in network planning and spectrum management solutions. Formed in Paris, France in 1991, ATDI has evolved from its early days supplying radio planning software to the French army to a global spectrum management and network planning tool supplier. The company growth is bolstered by an environment which fosters innovation and ownership, allowing staff to grow and develop professionally.

If you are in the areas of Electronic Warfare and Civil Security, please also review HTZ Warfare, our military version of the HTZ product family.

The latest version of HTZ is v.23.

For more information visit: www.atdi.com or contact@atdi-group.com



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