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Mobile Communication Solutions and Portable Data Networks for First Responders
March 9, 2021

As First Responders continue to incorporate new technologies into their daily operations, and the demand for connected solutions grows, the ability to establish and maintain secure digital-data access is a critical component for things like body cameras, UAV/drones, surveillance equipment, laptops, phones, and more. DH Wireless Solutions provides cellular data connectivity for vehicles, command centers, offices, and remote locations. Our mobile and portable cellular routers are purpose-built for First Responders in need of secure comms both in the office and in the field. Staying connected to important information, applications, and software enables you to respond faster and with better situational awareness than ever before. With a robust Cradlepoint router from DH Wireless Solutions, your vehicles and mobile command centers now can quickly become fully operational, rolling offices with complete secure networking infrastructure. 


DH Wireless Solutions is a leading Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Solutions Provider for cellular applications that include custom configurations of modems, routers, antennas, communication solutions, portable data networks, and accessories. From establishing communications via AVL with fleet management capabilities, to creating wireless “hot spots” while in transit or in an area that simply needs dependable and secure communications, we have solutions to keep you connected, including continuity configurations for primary, fail-over and parallel networking. Beyond our complete connectivity, hardware, and application deployment packages, we have a full operations center to provide high-level support and pre/post-sale assistance, backed by an experienced fulfillment team to assure a great customer experience.


As a cellular wireless communications systems integrator and Cradlepoint Elite Partner, we offer and use a wide variety of cellular networking technologies. Our solutions support diverse applications, including: 

· Mobile Communications

· Vehicle Area Networking 

· Field Deployable Wi-Fi Hot Spots

· Remote Monitoring and Control

· Surveillance

· Navigation and Location Intelligence 

· Telemetry and Fleet & Asset Tracking


DH Wireless Solutions has been a trusted partner of the Federal, state, and local First Responder Community for 20+ years and has recently launched a line of Portable Data Networks (PDN®). The PDN line of products provides First Responders and Emergency Managers with a rugged, secure, easy-to-use portable network-in-a-box. The PDN is a portable network system built into an impact-resistant, weather-worthy case, designed to provide you with a complete network connectivity solution that can quickly and easily be deployed into the field, giving you internet access in remote locations. Its internal batteries provide up to 40 hours of operational use and can also be powered via AC/DC external po­wer sources for extended use situations. Designed with input from law enforcement and military personnel, the PDN operates in a closed case position without the need for external antennas or power. Our glass mat batteries, custom-built high-gain omni-directional antenna, and powerful Cradlepoint router are securely mounted inside the case away from environmental elements keeping your equipment secure and ready for the harsh conditions that first responders may work in. To deploy the PDN, simply press the external standby button and your secure network will begin broadcasting, allowing you to have internet access via Wi-Fi or ethernet in nearly any situation.


PDN deployment scenarios include:

· Natural Disasters and Disaster Recovery

· Mass Casualty Events

· COVID-19 Testing and Vaccine Sites

· Surveillance and Covert Operations

· Detailed Assignments and Peacekeeping Operations

· Classrooms and Training Exercises

· Community events, and more


DH Wireless Solutions works to connect all the dots: from pre-sales engineering and project planning to execution of deployment, follow-up, post-sales support, and future planning. Our recommendations are made based on your specific needs. This ensures that we are offering the most effective, efficient, affordable solution for you. Our commitment to providing superior products and services to our partners, customers, and the communities they serve, has established DH Wireless Solutions as a leader in the cellular/wireless M2M and IoT industries. Anytime you need data connectivity, DH Wireless Solutions has the products to keep you connected. 


To Learn More: Visit www.dh-pdn.com or call us at 877-524-0430 and speak to one of our specialists about your needs. Our line of products and partner relationships ensure you get Best-In-Class options for all your deployment needs.



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