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Leonardo Extended Communications System - Digital (ECOS-D)
March 25, 2021

Leonardo is the market innovator for flexible and scalable next-generation critical communications systems. We focus on meeting customer needs through highly configurable, reliable, redundant, and maintainable solutions. We proudly offer one of the industry's genuinely open platforms allowing customers to interface with a multitude of vendors with traditional or cloud-based configurations. All Leonardo critical communications solutions are backed by the industry's strongest guarantees, including a commitment to interoperability solutions, a 5-year parts and labor warranty, and a 10-year non-obsolescence guarantee.

Leonardo's extended communications system—digital, or ECOS-D, is a network integration solution for critical communications organizations such as public utilities, urban transportation, oil and gas, first responders, police, and defense that utilizes existing equipment and infrastructure. It delivers adaptability and scalability that brings increased effectiveness without compromising performance or reliability.

ECOS-D Benefits

› Flexible, software-defined RBS4000 base station to meet your current and future needs

› Multiple-modes and architectures all in one radio base station

› Integrated voice and data application system

› Multi-mode system available as analog, DMR II/III and P25 phase I

› Designed for maintainability

› Resilient, self-healing, and distributed control

› Standards-based (P25 & DMR) open system platform providing users choices in applications and end-user terminals that suit your needs and budget

› Scalable and flexible to meet urban, suburban, and rural applications

› Can integrate with existing equipment and infrastructures

ECOS-D Functionality

ECOS-D is a powerful, software-defined technology that increases your communications efficiency. Operating modes include analog conventional, DMR Tier II and III, and P25 Phase 1. Users configure ECOS-D to work in the mode that suits their needs. ECOS-D can be configured as a single site, simulcast, multicast, or hybrid architecture. All modes and architectures are included in the same Radio Base Station—users configure the combination of operating mode and architecture that suits their needs. ECOS-D is a self-healing system with built-in system resiliency. ECOS-D has the unique ability to operate in simulcast mode with the same radio base station (RBS). No matter the role—simulcast master, slave or back-up master—the same RBS is used, configured differently for its role in the system. The ECOS-D simulcast solution incorporates the voting, synchronization, and equalization inside the RBS—no need for external boxes and devices. It also allows critical communications operators to connect their existing LMR equipment and infrastructures, ensuring a smooth migration to the new critical communications ECOS-D platform with interface options to commercial/public systems such as PTToverCellular. ECOS-D can integrate voice and data applications independent of the technology access using open standards. It also presents the opportunity to integrate wireless narrowband mission-critical data systems with broadband non-mission-critical systems such as 4G /LTE with Leonardo's Communications Service Platform (CSP). To find out more about Leonardo's land mobile radio systems, email LMRsales@leonardocompany-us.com.

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