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Comprod Introduces New Bumper Antennas to its Disguised Antenna Product Line
July 1, 2021

Comprod is introducing new Bumper Antennas to its innovative Disguised Antenna product line.  Designed for covert and overt law enforcement vehicles, where concealed antennas are required, it features a unique omnidirectional pattern around the vehicle allowing for best-in-class network coverage and an optimal performance.  Its compact design allows for easy deployment on uneven surfaces, allowing for installation simplicity and versatility.  Available in VHF (138-174 MHz, 3-14 MHz Bandwidth) with easy to deploy field tuning and in UHF (400-900 MHz, 500 MHz Bandwidth) with no tuning required.

BUMP-400900 (UHF)

-              Frequency Range: 400-900 MHz

-              Bandwidth: 500 MHz

-              VSWR:  1.7:1

-              Nominal Gain (dBd): Unity

-              No tuning required


BUMP-134178 (VHF)

-              Frequency Range: 134-178 MHz

-              Bandwidth: 3-14 MHz

-              VSWR:  2:1

-              Nominal Gain (dBd): Unity

-              Easy field tunable

Both products include two antenna elements, mounting tape, cable and connector. Installed in the front and rear bumpers of the vehicle, this dual kit will help you create an omnidirectional pattern around the vehicle allowing better network coverage and an optimal performance.


Comprod also offers custom solutions to optimize your OEM shark fin antennas to your specific requirements. These are offered in UHF with up to 10 MHz band width and 700/800 and 900 MHz that will conform to public safety frequencies. For more information call 1.877.825.2007 USA / 1.800.603.1454 Canada or email us at sales@comprodcom.com.



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