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Cel-Fi Product Launch Webinar
September 13, 2021

Cel-Fi Product Launch Webinar: Expanding the Cel-Fi Public Safety Product Line

Continuing to raise the bar for emergency communication systems, Cel-Fi is dedicated to innovating ground-breaking public safety communication solutions that deliver uncompromising coverage in any situation. Leveraging technology developed in our award-winning cellular systems, Cel-Fi’s public safety products are engineered to combine industry-leading performance with ease of installation and unmatched support. From the planning stages to unrivaled system monitoring and management, Cel-Fi’s public safety solutions provide installers, building owners, and emergency personnel peace of mind every step of the way.

The evolution and development of Cel-Fi’s public safety portfolio has been informed by the valuable insight and feedback from partners, installers, and the public safety community. Solving the toughest challenges for emergency communication systems, the next generation of Cel-Fi ERCES solutions deliver capabilities not previously available in the industry, including real-time donor signal analysis and end-to-end system monitoring. Paired with Cel-Fi WAVE software and Cel-Fi COMPASS RED, Cel-Fi’s public safety infrastructure significantly enhances installation and system management through comprehensive support. By easing the barrier of entry, providing unparalleled system metrics, and offering the industry’s most reliable LMR and FirstNet coverage, Cel-Fi’s public safety solutions ensure fire, police, and medical personnel are connected when communication is critical.

Cel-Fi’s upcoming webinar introduces our latest ERCES innovations, including new public safety DAS, public safety BDA, and fiber extension solutions for buildings of all sizes. The key features below highlight what set Cel-Fi ERCES public safety solutions apart from other systems, but make sure to join the webinar to learn more.

Key Features of Cel-Fi ERCES Public Safety Solutions:

No Noise Guarantee

By monitoring environmental changes and performing automatic adjustments, Cel-Fi ERCES solutions ensure emergency personnel stay connected in any situation by delivering industry-leading performance with a no noise guarantee.

Automatic Setting of Uplink Transmitted Power

Cel-Fi ERCES solutions simplify the optimization of uplink (UL) gain for emergency communication systems by eliminating the need for additional equipment or guessing the calculations. The system calculates path loss automatically, allowing for different values according to network requirements and the option to set up a target range.

Automatic Calculation and Setting of Isolation & Downlink Gain

While isolation is calculated in real-time and automatically set at 20 dB per NFPA 1221, the system also allows for different values according to local ordinances. Downlink (DL) gain is automatically adjusted to achieve the required value.

Detecting Time Delay Interference (TDI)

Because signal from other systems operating in the area can negatively impact signal clarity, Cel-Fi ERCES solutions detect any possible interference and report back via Cel-Fi WAVE Portal alarms.

Industry-First Talk-Out Guarantee

Cel-Fi ERCES solutions’ groundbreaking uplink (UL) test allows integrators to easily achieve industry-leading talk-out performance by measuring the signal traveling from the installation site to the remote tower via walkie-talkie. Using Cel-Fi COMPASS and the Cel-Fi WAVE PRO app, installers can test UL gain levels and view real-time analytics to ensure the best-possible signal-to-noise ratio.  

Built-in Grid Test Functionality

With Cel-Fi WAVE PRO and Cel-Fi COMPASS, system integrators can test the downlink (DL) gain for both the design planning stage and post-install performance evaluation. Export the Full Signal Report as a .csv, which includes key LMR/Operator Network parameters: Operator, RSSI, RSRP, RSRQ, Frequency, Band, PCI and more. Installers use system operation data to prepare for AHJ walk-through tests. 

Built-in End-to-End Remote System Monitoring and Management via Cel-Fi WAVE Portal

The web-based Cel-Fi WAVE Portal provides installers and authorized users remote monitoring, managing, and control of Cel-Fi ERCES systems from anywhere. In addition to easily adapting Cel-Fi systems to local fire codes, the WAVE Portal allows users to customize notification and policy parameters. The intuitive platform also offers advanced performance metrics on a Cel-Fi solution’s individual components, including real-time high site-to-server antenna monitoring and donor signal quality reports.

Register for the webinar to learn more: https://cel-fi.zoom.us/webinar/register/3216279427897/WN_pzIvmf3OQaOsGdLKAQs_6w



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