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FREEDOM R8200 Analyzer
May 16, 2022

The Astronics Test Systems FREEDOM R8200 combines comprehensive digital and analog LMR testing capability with the ability to measure important RF network characteristics such as Return Loss, VSWR and Phase.  By adding the advanced RF diagnostic capabilities of a 6GHz Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) to our industry-standard LMR test instrument, we’ve created a product of unprecedented value.  The two-way radio technician can now carry one portable instrument rather than two – making his or her job easier and freeing space in the van or on the bench.

With the R8200, organizations can save thousands of dollars and potentially much more by combining two instruments into one.  The included VNA has a frequency range to 6 GHz and enables near-instantaneous measurements of cable/antenna Return Loss and Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR).  The Frequency Domain Reflectometer (FDR)-based Distance-To-Fault function sweeps and profiles discontinuities in transmission lines to accurately pinpoint faulty components and significantly reduce the time it takes to locate and repair them.  Verifying your communications infrastructure performance and locating impairments has never been faster and easier.

While it is a new, high-specification premium platform, the R8200 can be purchased with the knowledge that it is backed by the world-class service and technical support capabilities of Astronics Test Systems – the same company that produces the market-leading R8100 and R8000 communications analyzers as well as advanced radio test sets for tactical and military communications.

The R8200 supports every major digital LMR protocol, including APCO Project 25 Phases 1 and 2, TETRA, DMR and NXDN.  It also includes over a dozen individual instruments packaged into a single portable (15 lb.) package.   Highlights of the high-performance 6GHz VNA, which is included in the standard package of the R8200, are:

·       Near real-time measurements

·       101 to 10,000 trace points

·       Six markers per trace with Absolute and Delta modes

·       Extensive library of calibration kits and cable types

·       Smith Chart for quick visual analysis of transmission lines

·       Measurements:

o   Simultaneous VSWR/return loss

o   Cable Loss

o   RF passive components (filters, duplexers, etc.) test and alignment

o   Distance to fault

·       Trace Processing:

o   Return Loss/VSWR display

o   Smoothing

o   Averaging

o   IF Bandwidth

o   Scaling

The R8200 also includes all the instruments and features included in our flagship R8100 test set, including:

·       1GHz Spectrum Analyzer (optional to 3GHz)

·       Signal Generator

·       Tracking Generator

·       Broad & Narrow Band Power Meters

·       Frequency Counter

·       SINAD Meter

·       Distortion Meter

·       Frequency Error Meter

·       Audio Generator

·       Received Signal Strength Meter                                                

·       FM Deviation Meter

·       AM Modulation Meter

·       AC/DC Voltmeters

·       Modulation Scope                                

·       50kHz Oscilloscope                              

Finally, the R8200 includes these premium features that are optional on the R8100:

·       Process Automation Toolkit (“PAT”) – PAT transforms radio service and brings automated testing within the reach of every technician.  Virtually every function and test mode of the analyzer can be incorporated into a test script using a simple point-and-click interface. PAT allows any technician to create and store test scripts in a few minutes and execute the results in seconds without knowledge of any particular programming language.

·       Remote Front Panel – Allows monitor and control of the analyzer from any networked PC.  With this feature, troublesome intermittent site issues can be resolved without the need to keep a technician on site for hours or days.

·       Extended Generate Output Port Range - By extending the output power range down to -125dBm, this feature enables radio technicians to test repeater sensitivity without changing ports, greatly simplifying, and accelerating the test process.

To find your local representative or arrange for an on-site product demonstration visit: https://freedomcte.com/sales/

For comprehensive data sheets, product training videos, application notes and other product resources, visit:  www.freedom.cte.com/library



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