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High Gain Hurricane Rated Panel Antenna
May 24, 2022

High Gain Hurricane Rated Panel Antenna

698-940 MHz

Westell’s CS03-777-999 high gain, hurricane rated donor antenna is loaded with the power and performance features needed for public safety and commercial cellular applications where a high degree of control over the donor signal is required.

This tough, compact, outdoor antenna is constructed of fiberglass radome with multipoint, galvanized steel mounting that can maintain functionality and angle position while withstanding inclement weather, high and low temperatures, UV resistance, and even hurricane force winds of up to 170 MPH.

Westell’s CS03-777-999 Features:

  •   Tested to withstand hurricane force winds of 170 mph (per ANSI/TIA-222)
  •   Narrow beamwidth & high gain
  •   Superior front-to-back ratio
  •   Excellent side lobe suppression
  •   Low PIM  < -156 dBc (2x43 dBm)


  •   As a donor antenna for Public Safety BDAs requiring high gain
  •   Supports 698-940 MHz, which includes 700 LTE, FirstNet, 700 PS, 800 PS, 800 PS, and 850 MHz
  •   Public Safety, 3G, 4G, and 5G DAS systems
  •   Ideal for coastal areas

When outdoor donor antennas are an essential component for your sustainable, reliable operational and safety communication plans, trust the experts at Westell with your next project. Our team is here to help throughout the process.



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