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October 17, 2022

A fraction of the size of previous repeater models, the new NXR-1700E/1800E is a compact package that delivers on performance and versatility, whether mounted in a fixed rack or used in the field. As space availability becomes more critical with complex network installations, the NXR-1700E/1800E makes installations easier with improved space efficiency and the compact size makes field deployable kits more manageable.

While maintaining backwards compatibility with legacy Kenwood repeater networks, the new high-performance platform also offers improvements in frequency stability and receiver sensitivity as well as selectable NXDN® or DMR protocols.  

Real user power and versatility comes with the built-in IP networking and remote management capabilities.  In addition to improved network security, The IP call routing capabilities are now extended to both analog and digital call types. The new web interface allows real time status and call monitoring, as well as configuration of voice logging servers, syslog servers, high availability, voice packet priority, and importing SSL certificates.

·      Compact for Space Efficiency and In-Field Use

·      Solution for Complex Coverage Areas

·      Built-in IP Networking Interface

·      Improved Command and Control

The NXR-1700E/1800E is ideal for use in these situations:

·      Remote, solar powered communications sites.

·      Field interoperability kits.

·      Mobile command vehicles

·      Schools, correctional facilities, and other locations with coverage challenges

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