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November 20, 2020 | Comments
RCA Communications Systems added North Mississippi 2Way Communications and Professional Technical Assistance to its network of authorized two-way radio dealers.

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November 18, 2020 | Comments
During an earnings call, Anterix officials said they have not yet signed private LTE contracts with utility customers but still expect to have two to three signed by the end of the company’s fiscal year, March 31.

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November 17, 2020 | Comments
Welcome to November 2020. The election is finally behind us, COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc in the United States, and the number of wildfires, major storms, and hurricanes continue to make our first responders’ work even more essential. When FirstNet was created in February of 2012, it was a result of the public-safety community having banded together across disciplines. The Public Safety Alliance (PSA) sought and received support from a variety of organizations including governors, mayors and most LMR venders.

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November 17, 2020 | Comments
Erillisverkot, the Finnish state-run body responsible for national communications networks, for public authorities, emergency services and other critical services added Ericsson Security Manager to its Virve 2.0 5G core network public-safety network. The move is part of a mission-critical public safety partnership with Ericsson.

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November 13, 2020 | Comments
Public-safety organizations told the FCC that any efforts to prevent diversion of 9-1-1 fees should not harm 9-1-1 organizations and should target the legislatures and entities responsible for diverting the fees.

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November 12, 2020 | Comments
TCCA announced the winners of the 2020 International Critical Communications Awards (ICCA), which took place during the virtual Critical Communications Week.

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November 10, 2020 | Comments
The second of the three-phase BroadWay Precommercial Procurement (PCP) began on 6 July when the group of procurers awarded contracts to three consortia that met all the technical and quality requirements of the call-off competition at the end of the first phase. In the second phase, the prototype phase, the consortia are led by Airbus DS, Frequentis and Leonardo.

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November 06, 2020 | Comments
Hytera Communications’ U.S. subsidiaries asked a U.S. bankruptcy court to expedite its consideration of a proposed sale of their assets to a recently formed Hytera entity.

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November 05, 2020 | Comments
The Fifth European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) MCX Plugtests saw a 95% success rate in its testing. While three of the previous four plugtests events were held in person and the fifth was originally planned to be in-person, the fifth event was held virtually because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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November 03, 2020 | Comments
The arrival of 5G has a lot to offer the public-safety community. With its faster speeds, greater capacity, ultra-low latencies and advanced support for IoT, 5G will enable massive adoption of new public safety applications. These will include remote-controlled devices, field delivery of telemedicine and improved situational awareness using drones and video analytics complementing current LTE/4.9G mission-critical networks.

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